Your Smartphone May Get You Your Next Job

     "When a smartphone can turn into a bank, it can very well recruit people too. More and more companies are using smartphones for recruitment as the youth are hooked on to the gadget.

     Realising that the youth use smartphones to search for jobs, companies are introducing smartphone into their recruiting processes. 

     In a survey by TimesJobs, 53.12% of the companies say they have included mobile in their recruiting strategy. The most popular mobile recruitment tactic is mobile-optimised career websites chosen by 53% of the respondents while mobile apps for candidates is the second most popular tactic, a choice of 25% respondents. QR codes to jobs pages are the least popular tactic preferred by only 4.11%.

     Smartphone as a recruiting medium is yet to make a big impact as majority of the respondents—nearly 76%—said less than 20% of their hires were through mobile phone.

     Comfort and ease are the biggest advantages of using mobile recruitment apps. Nearly 59% of the respondents say they are easy to use and faster. Only 12% respondents think the biggest advantage is their appeal to the younger generation.

     Despite a worldwide embrace of smartphones for business, India still has security concerns. 26.8% respondents say the biggest disadvantage of using mobile recruitment apps is lack of security, followed by 29.2% who find the apps have low reliability. 19.5% find it uncomfortable to use while 24.3% think it has limited audience reach."



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